Merry Christmas 2020….. Reflecting on the year

For all of us, 2020 has been a year to remember and a year to forget in equal measures. Covid-19 and all the uncertainty and pain it has bought to us both on a personal level and a professional level has been devastating for many businesses and many more individuals and families. If you haven’t been directly affected, you will know someone who has.

Following an initial turbulent March through to May, we experienced some rather encouraging signs that our clients, contractors and professional connections were diversifying their projects and services and were keen to keep the industry moving in the right direction. Further still, there was a drive to keep trades and suppliers employed and busy, after all, without them our industry would grind to a stop.

Awarding new contracts, submitting new planning applications and supporting homeowners new ventures and change in circumstances has been the name of the game during 2020. Collectively I believe the construction industry can be proud to have helped play its part in minimising the damage to the economy, not to mention its role in providing support to the NHS and other important areas.

Many business and personal lessons have been learned this year, including here at JAT-Surv. It has been a year of hard work and long hours, ensuring we adapt to (here comes the clich√©) the ‘new normal’. We are proud and grateful to our clients and connections and look forward to working with you again in 2021. Merry Christmas.

Photos taken at Bedgebury Forest, courtesy of our M&E advisor, Phil Harrison.