Garden studio completion photos

Working from home doesn’t have to be in the corner of the living room or squeezed into the spare bedroom. Working from home can be, well, not technically from inside the home?! We have been overwhelmed by enquiries relating to garden offices and studios in the last year. This project was possible under Permitted Development despite being located within a Conservation Area, meaning planning permission wasn’t required. The building was also exempt from Building Regulations due to its size, position, and fire resistance boundary wall construction. The result, a very quick and straight forward build process from concept to completion.

Making use of this rather odd shaped Victorian walled garden, we were able to maximise the use of a previously ‘dead space’ behind an existing garden shed. This studio has 15m2 of accommodation including a garden store to the side. A flat glass lantern has a very cost effective addition which floods the room with natural light and brings great character to the room. Finally, finished in Western Canadian cedar cladding (well worth the extra money over British cedar, sorry Britain) which comes in a rich array of colours from reddish pink to dark brown and everything in-between, this building a stunning contemporary contrast to the host Victorian home.

We currently have six similar projects underway across Kent and into South East London. If you are considering a garden office / studio and would like to discuss the options and feasibility then please give us a call or send us an email to